Green Bay Area Newcomer Neighbors Service: Volunteer Opportunities

Mission: To welcome, promote, and provide a means for introducing new, prospective and reacquaint existing residents to the Green Bay area.

Products: Newcomers Service provides the resource to become acquainted to the community, businesses and opportunities to meet others. We can provide relocation assistance, a Green Bay area Resource Guide, recommended businesses directory, community event calendars, networking opportunities, tours and rental searches. The Green Bay area Newcomers and Neighbors, Inc, social Club, originated in 1935, provides the opportunity to have fun and form friendships while participating in over 10 events monthly.

  • Help Green Bay Area Newcomers connect with its members and others by editing the website, Constant contact, blogging, maintaining Facebook fan page, updating community calendar, providing graphic design, proofreading, research and verifying information in the Resource Guide.
  • Heighten our ability to serve members by assisting with office tasks such as data entry, bulk mailing, preparing information folders, phone calls, etc.  Some of this work can be done in your home.
  • Extend our outreach to the community by delivering folders, placement of poster or referral cards and picking up materials and distribution of guides & folders.

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