advertise_newcomers02Why Advertise

  • Locally owned and operated since 1935
  • Trusted and respected in the community
  • Recommended by large and small businesses
  • Cost-effective way to generate new business
  • No gimmicks or tricks
  • Mailing lists available

Brief View on the option:

Resource Guide – Concise 28-32 page book of the Green Bay area
Calendar – Community events in print, emailed weekly & online
Website – Ads, Links of the community Calendar, Guide & a recommended Business list
Weekly Emails - Show case your business on the weekly constant contact email for four consecutive weeks & archive on the website On going promotion through all forms of social media Instagram, Facebook and more.
Rental searches – Finding the right rental home. Help with questions and assist guests with their needs – Example: purchases, referrals, bank accounts, social security, dmv and more.
Social Club – Nonprofit social group established in 1935, to meet others while having fun participating in monthly activities you enjoy.

Option 1: WEBSITE: AD SPACE available in 2 columns on the website sidebar page. Once a person “clicks” on your Ad Image in the sidebar, they are taken via hyperlink directly to the content’s source page on your website. Ad Spaces are fully customizable with your content images and optimized for search engines to find you better on the web.

Green Bay Area Newcomers Neighbors’ website is very powerful. We are listed on over 100 major websites and on the top ten viewing when searching for Green Bay referrals. Our referrals to new & existing residents drive Business, Credibility & Trust!

LISTING: On the navigator bar, than under recommended businesses. Includes the same as the printed information, but also including a direct link to your company’s website, brochure, menu & a map of location.

Option 2: RESOURCE GUIDE: An all-inclusive, concise, 36-40 page book of the Brown County area. Ads & Listings available.

  • Digital & In Print, semi-annually in the spring and fall, over 3000 annually.
  • Sent by Email, as a link to over 3,800 weekly
  • Endorsements, Links & Distribution by the Villages, water department, major Businesses, Chamber of Commerce, Colleges, Hospitals, Convention bureau, Real Estate companies, Apartment complexes, and Schools have their human resource directors provide the printed copy to new and existing employees.
  • On the Website, includes pdf printable format & a category listing. The website average over 15,715 page views, 77% of unique visitors, 16 countries, & all the States. The site is very powerful. We are connected with the major businesses and are one of the top ten to turn up when searched for a referral of the Green Bay area. 1000 new residents a year. The Resource Guide is forwarded to employees/tenants, by the businesses and apartments. A printed version on businesses’ walls & over 100 different websites under community or helpful links.

Ads: In color starting at 3.5x2 to a full page. Free listing in the Bus. Ad Sponsor Directory Listing: Provided for Activities, Arts, Education, Hospitals, Hotels, Medical Clinics, Nonprofit, Places of Worship & Social Events.

  1. (4) Four line: Name, Address, Phone, Website (or descriptions).
  2. Listed in the category of your choice in book and the web site.
  3. The opportunity to list your special events in the monthly and on the online annual calendar.
  4. The Resource guide offers a great coverage & opportunity to help receive the public awareness receive Volunteers, Members or Donations. TIME, TALENT & MONEY

Option 3: CALENDARS: Monthly is sent weekly as a link to over 3800 E mails and available in a pdf, for print, by the organizations and major businesses Annual another way to point visitors, businesses, and residents to “What’s Happening” in your area. Viewers can “click” on the event to see the full details.

Option 4: EMAIL: Weekly to over 3800 to Show case your business, organization or event. One week or four (4) consecutive weeks. Topics could include but limited to Health, Education, Rentals, Requests, Special event, looking or listing a rental or a job, a fund raiser or more. Include an Ad with links to an article, brochure, website or specials. jpeg, pdf or a png. Included on Facebook, Instagram and more.